How does 5th Food Group Do it?

It starts with well executed services by our experts, targeted specifically to our industry.
We know this business inside and out, and we take specialty food companies to the next level. Here’s how.

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Each of our client relationships begins with a Jump Start – an affordable analysis of your business with expert recommendations for your marketing strategy. We invest our time heavily in new relationships to explore where you are, where you’re going, and how we can get you there. This process offers zero risk as you have no obligation to move forward with us. If you are aren’t satisfied with our Jump Start, we won’t charge you for it (though we’re happy to say that in 20 years, we have yet to meet an unhappy customer!)

  • In-depth analysis of your internet business and/or mail plan
  • Benchmark of key ratios against others in the industry
  • Detailed reporting of what is working and what isn’t
  • Identification of valuable opportunities to grow your internet and catalog sales
  • Full audit and recommendations for growth presented at a face-to-face meeting or conference call
  • Follow-up access to our experts to further clarify our findings and opportunities
  • No obligation to move forward beyond Jump Start, though we offer customized growth plans for all clients who choose to continue working together.

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Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – assures consistent top-hits on search engines. Clear and compelling content paired with SEO best practices can make the difference between being the first hit on a web search or being buried under the competition.

  • Ensure your site can be easily discovered and indexed by search engines
  • Conduct an analysis of your site and develop a strategic plan customized for you
  • Provide on-going recommendations and monthly monitoring to keep your site on the forefront of web searches

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Email marketing, when done correctly, is one of the best ways to convert sales. It builds a rapport with the consumer that is personalized and helps you stay connected.

  • Develop a campaign that reaches your customers regularly without overburdening them
  • Provide complete, no-hassle implementation that takes campaign from start to finish including scheduling, design, html code, and deployment
  • Perform beneficial customer email segmentation
  • Monthly detailed reports detailing opens, click-through, conversion rates, dollars per email, and more

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Despite the growth of online sales, catalogs continue to be the main driver of traffic and conversions. We craft a profitable plan and execute it every step of the way.

  • Conduct a full analysis of your current catalog and mail plan
  • Deliver a print plan and pagination based on financial analysis
  • Develop a strategy for customer acquisition and future growth planning
  • Create comprehensive circulation plans
  • Execute plans including ordering mailing lists, communicating with the printer, and detailed instructions to the mail house
  • Ensure campaign is completed on budget and on schedule
  • ROI reporting for every mailing

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Pay per click advertising is a powerful way to boost sales and prospect online. With a holistic approach we design a campaign unique for your company and keep a close eye on data to hone what works best for your company.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan based on your sales needs and goals
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis on your products and effective key words
  • Develop your campaign with your bottom line in mine
  • Create powerful landing pages for increased conversions
  • Consistent analysis and honing to increase your ROI

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Getting traffic to your website is just half of the equation. The deal isn’t sealed until you’ve converted the visitor into a customer. Increasing conversion just a fraction of a percent can exponentially add sales to your bottom line, a benefit you continue to reap over time.

  • Google Analytics audit and proper set up if needed
  • Audit of customer web behavior and past customer complaints and issues
  • Analysis of site navigation and overall usability
  • In depth user testing
  • Roadmap of recommendations and implementation of A/B tests to increase conversion

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